Monday, October 13, 2008

Animal Bazaar.

This is our animal bazaar collection.
These are just the design for the fabrics.
Tell us what you like.
Email us and get 5%! Comment and get 10% off your 2nd case(or)free postage.
*applicable for online purchase only

.1. HORIZON ZEBRA - $28.00

.2. NIGHT SAFARI - $28.00

.3. SKINNING A LIVE - $30.00

.4. READY FOR BATTLE - $25.00

.5. CHIQUITTIA - $30.00
want a similar design?
email us @

Sunday, October 12, 2008

old stock.

Tell you what's left of the past collection?

topshoppy floral [last piece]- $28.00
$29.00(normal postage)

$25.00 (if you email by 12midnight, wed, 15 Oct)

anchor(hold your sheep) [qty:21]- $28.00
$29.00(normal postage)
$25.00 (if you email by 12midnight, wed, 15 Oct)

polka dotty fairy [last piece]- $28.00
$29.00(normal postage)
$25.00 (if you email by 12midnight, wed, 15 Oct)

swamp froggys [last piece]- $28.00
$29.00(normal postage)
$25.00 (if you email by 12midnight, wed, 15 Oct)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Notice: My partner is on a holiday. And I don't have the email password so you guys have to wait till Sun when she comes back. So sorry!

Monday, October 6, 2008

NEW DESIGNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*the blury picture is Eva by the way.
Even Eva Longoria carries python, snake skin.
Python is coming back! Watch out!



These are our new designs!!
Hope you people like them!
Some prices are different.
The designs are next to the number. All cloth/design/material is true to itself.
first 5 to email us for the new designs/old will get 10% !!! (:

xoxo, love you all,
sherm & joy (:

Sunday, October 5, 2008

stocks on the go!

(: (: (:

Animal Prints for you?

Floral Prints for you?

Colorful Prints for you?/ just simple colour blocks?

What would you like?
We are thinking of bringing in more designs so tell us what YOU like!
Comment/Email us!

sherm & Joy

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Missed us?

Did you not find us at the flea market?
Did you not see the post before the flea market?
Missed us at the flea?

Are you afraid that if you buy from us, your laptop case will not be able to fit?
Are you afraid that our workmanship is not to your satisfaction?
Would rather see the case in person before purchasing?

Fret not! You can now see the cases without buying it first! We are currently selling it online as well as at 9 Haji Lane, Victoria Jomo.

Any queries, as usual you can email us at or leave down your comment!

xoxo, love,
Sherm and Joy