Friday, September 26, 2008

Virgin Post.

Holla friends!

These are a few of out designs.

Brief description: All our laptop cases are from Japan and so is our materials. We painstakingly hand sew all these laptop cases and hope to earn some extra pocket money. As we all know many people carry their laptops without any cases. So we decided to sew different designs for you people out there. With these patterns in "fashion" right now, we bet you would be proud to carry them around! (:

Post some comments and tell us what you think.
If you'd like to purchase any one of them, just email us at
or leave us a comment with your name, email and design and we will get back to you soon !!!

Sherm & Joy


Crystal said...

Shermin! Crystal here hahahaha my blogshop has moved from ohjunkos.lj to ohjunkos.blgspt! I like th leapard skin one! How much is one btw?
add me online drunkyy@h

♥Shermin said...

okay I have taken note.
We've only got one leopard one. Its $28!!! (:

Crystal said...

is there like sponge and all. to keep th laptp protected. or is it just a piece of thin cloth?

♥Shermin said...

Cushion case! B4 size which is 39x32cm.

Crystal said...

Ooooh okayokay!! Can u add me online, theres more designs right? haha is there guy-ish designs i might wna get one for my boyfr too